lördag 12 november 2011

Ripe Pineapple And Rusty Rebar: The Art Of Adam Wright

When I think of my cousin Adam Wright one of the first things that comes to mind is art. Art is what happens when we stop to imitate life and let life imitate us instead, art is the only thing longer than death and shorter than right now, it’s one of the truest testimonies that the universe inside us are so much greater than the universe outside. Art is a blazing sword from the future that projects through our past only to become a physical formation when it gets penetrated by the present. The concept of art shifts not only between different latitudes and longitudes but also between epochs, societys and cultures, and last but not least between individuals.

Me and Adam at the Jokers Show, the first stop on our little trip from Stockholm Sweden to Bottrop Germany, the best of times. Photo Love Cycles.

I always thought this photo projects the exact same emotion as Bill Wyman's last verse bass line in Gimme Shelter - straight, strong, striking and impossible to imitate. Shinya Kimura / Photo Adam Wright.

If you haven't bought Adam's books Road Course, Hauler and the Contributors Edition yet you're missing out big time. Adam is the inventor of this type of books that today has become a well known and popular concept but when he first came out with Road Course it was something no one had seen before. And even though a few people might have tried to imitate his work over the years he remains the undisputed master of moment photography. Adam's books all projects heavy passion and contains a motivated nerve that reaches beyond all, a nerve that delivers a striking mental structure that's impossible to achieve anywhere else - ripe pineapple and rusty rebar, contrast, content, proportion, form and emotion. ART for Christ's sake.

To me, art is the recoil of society. Art is one of those things you don’t need to succeed with just because you know how it’s done. Most people can take a photo and quite a lot of people can get them published in quite a lot of different books and magazines, but when it comes to art that necessarily dosen't say …anything. You don’t become a writer just because you write and you don’t become a punk rocker just because you got the costume, you don’t become a skateboarder just because you skateboard, and you sure don't live just because you're alive. If you don’t get it you never will – that’s the ART of it. If it would be the other way around then everything from traffic signs to news paper placards and pizza cardboard box prints would be the work of artists, Justin Bieber would be a skateboarder and Avril Lavigne would be a punk rocker. And in the end who really cares..? Well I sure do and that's why I'm telling you - Adam IS art, end of story.

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  1. 'Moment photography'. I like that.

  2. Nicke, thanks so much... I miss you cuzz! That trip was the best.

  3. What year was the Shinya Kimura photo taken please?