tisdag 1 november 2011

NickeLeaks Reveals The Truth About The Harley-Davidson / AMF Deal In 1969

Ok, I take great pride in finally being able to announce the very truth about what really happened back in the late 1960's between the MoCo and AMF.
Back in 1967 during the great Milwaukee riot in Wisconsin the Harley-Davidson staff tried to form an undercover elite bowling team to take on the European and Japanese bike manufacturing empires, this had nothing to do with the Milwaukee riot even though the riot worked very well in their favour.

This was a highly discrete and carefully planned master suppression mission thought to be used as a weapon in business techniques, a blazing arrow of power in the tactical war of greed right in the heart of late 1960’s America.

The reason for choosing bowling might seem like a long shot but make no mistake, the choice was very symbolic; big balls, being on a roll, knocking down the competitors etcetera. The MoCo staff aimed as high as they could when they tried to draft the Director of NASA’s research program Floyd “Tommy” Thompson as their coach. As you all know NASA is studying planets and planets are the biggest balls of all.

However, since the Motor Company staff accidentally left out an “A” in the address written on the envelope that was supposed to be addressed to NASA it ended up at the NSA. And from there it landed right on Vice President Hubert Humphrey’s desk – and guess what; he was thrilled to take on the task. But, things got out of hand pretty fast since Hubert already had his hands way too full with supporting the the Apollo 7 Project together with Lyndon Johnson, so the Harley staff’s big balling master suppression technique got put on hold. Their disappointment was so great they all started suffering from heavy depression and then because of this ended up selling the entire Harley-Davidson Motor Company to AMF only two years later.
And the reason that I'm letting you all know is nothing but a derivation maneuver, to draw away the attention from all the cutting, welding, bending, chopping, stroking and boring that's been done to this poor 1947 FL Harley-Davidson.

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  1. that story did not hide anything - I was too busy looking at the pictures to read anything but the first and last sentences. What a bike. Awesome as they say ovah theah, Magnificent as we say over here.

  2. You're completely insane, how can I become like you?

  3. Now THAT'S a chopper!!!
    - BERDOO

  4. Nice to finally hear what REALLY happened... that knuck is fuckin awesome! hope my 47 turns out half as nice

  5. Your bike is looking really cool. I'm deeply envious :-)

  6. I think this chopper should be a fitting tribute to those bowlers of HD's past, like Bobby "Three Fingers" Magee, and Carl "7 pin" Mickcusky. Rumor has it, HD and AMF were is secret works to introduce a 75lb dual thumb hole, super gloss, lane shredder ball called the Pin Assassin. Disagreement on the hole placement led to a great split in the company.

    This chopper gives me a boner!

  7. cool!
    but i'm tired and confused - is that not the motor for the TT bike, or did you make two??

  8. I think the bowling legend "Stinky McBig Balls" wo uld be proud of your hysterical/historical efforts

  9. This bike will be a trendsetter, mark my words.

  10. Magnificent detail work, raised gearbox, springer stabilizer, pre 1949 neck cups, the list goes on.. What about leg clearance? Does your leg hit the carburetors at all?

  11. Milo; the TT bike is now upgraded to ULTT status.
    Sprocket; I'll probably break my legs in pieces when I kickstart it so leg clearance should not be a problem.

  12. Ouch! Jävlarifaaan va cool det blir!

    In English:
    Ouch! Devilinsatan, this it going to be great!

    Morrn, gutter! En sån morsomt flink mc!

  13. WOW!!!!! i can't believe my eye's.. I'm intrigued.. What talent !!
    i can't wait to see this long bike on the road.