onsdag 9 mars 2011

The Past Is Not At Rest

This project started in the winter 2007/2008 I think, things were going fine, I felt strong.

My brilliant idea was to run a 1933 VL Frame around a 103" dual carb, dual magneto Knuckle, the plan was to make the engine single fire through running single-fire wires on both mags; one to each cylinder and then sync them to keep the 315°/405° fire cycle.

You got some more pics of this idiotic motor if you click HERE

However, I never finished this bike for whatever reasons, I blew it ...déjavu.
But since this project still haunts me I guess I have no choice but to take another shot at getting a bike like this together ...some day.

4 kommentarer:

  1. for what reason did you decide not to finish it? obviously, it looks killer.

    on a side note: i'd be happy to take the engine and frame of your hands ;)



    ps: always inspiring to see the stuff your mind conjures...

  2. Go for it! Do it!

    Been waiting for this monster since I first read about it years ago.

    Sincerely, Johan Urban

  3. Eeey eey eey, nu tar vi det lilla lugna med att kalla denna fantastisk skapta metallklump för fula saker som ex idiotic... Vi vet ju båda att den till slut hamnade i rätt händer. Vår vän med mustach kommer att förvalta motorn väl... I think. ///R

  4. Jag har fotfarande din Knöltshirt i bilen Robin, och det känns tryggt. Att mustaschmannen har motorn alltså, inte att ha tshirten i bilen, det gör mig nervös.