fredag 11 mars 2011

The All Original 102" UL Restoration

The last couple of weeks I've managed to do some serious progress on the 2-3 years long UL restoration.

Accept from a few dual details this bike will look dead stock.
Totte did such a great job on the 1937 paint scheme. It took me equally long to get the decals in place as it took him to paint the entire bike.

The poor Flathead motor will be startled up to 102" (1670 cc)
5.250" Stroke and early Evo Pistons.
Super Stupid, but it's fun right? Humor, who cares. This is what the intakes looked like before I cut them down to size.

Perry Ruiter helped out finding a few parts I just couldn't get a hold of, like the dash base etcetera. Thanx Perry.

Finally, even though LeBeef haven't done any work on this bike the sticker itself makes it LeBeef Equipped, so what can I say? - I won't be able to feel sadness or hunger ever again.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Looks fuckin perfect to me, NICE JOB my friend! / Klibban

  2. i have no idea where you get it from but your work is AMAZING!!!

  3. Fuck man...amazing work. That thing is crazier than whats inside Ronald McDonalds pockets!

  4. 102" prototype cheeseburgers?

    brilliant bike!

  5. Chicken McIdiot - The Chocking Chicken.