måndag 6 september 2010

Microchip Implants & The Human Brain

Adam Wright took this photo of me and Aaron in Oakland 2006 or whenever it might have been, I can’t remember. At the time the photo was taken we were discussing reversed chopper brakes, I think …or was it Illuminati structures and human brain microchip implants?

My hands are forming a pyramid in the photo but I seriously can’t remember. I know Illuminati surgeons are always intense, undercover reptilian-humanoid agents lining up in the endless black hallways of mind control and cybernetics. I have no idea what me and Aaron were discussing; I can't remember anything anymore …they must have got me.
On the other hand, since I’ve never been able to control my own mind I guess it’s a good thing that someone’s doing the job for me..? Just too bad it’s the Annunaki, I’d prefer someone more delicate, like Rufus Thomas or Haystack Calhoun.

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  1. Haystack Calhoun...wow, not too many people remember that name. Haystack was big when the Illuminati first tried controlling my mind, so I simple started smoking weed to overcome their attempt. Now, some fifty years later just the mention of Haystack Calhoun has brought all those Illuminati memories rushing back. I need to go for a ride now and maybe I can get on with my life.