fredag 3 september 2010

Corner / L.A.M.F

Somebody called me on the phone, said hey is Nicke home?
You wanna take a walk, you wanna go and cop? You wanna go and get some Chinese rocks?
No seriously, it was Corner who called and he didn't wanna go and cop, no not at all, things were just as normal as always and we discussed the same stuff we always do; drinking, Johnny Thunders stories from back when he lived in Stockholm, Bates P-Pads, drinking, Jerry Nolan, Swedish chopper culture, American Poets, Fredreich Nietzche, drinking, Armond Bletcher, Generator Shovels and a lot of stuff that I could never reveal on here.

The plaster's falling off the wall

My girlfriend's crying in the shower stall

It's hot as a bitch

I shoulda been rich

But I'm just digging a Chinese ditch

Be sure to check DicE in the near future, I'm doing a massive article about Corner's mind blowing outlaw chopper survivor, and this bike's history is wilder than any Johnny Thunders story you'll ever hear.

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