onsdag 4 december 2013

Rigid Hips Speed-E-Shift (Nick-E-Shift)

And there you have it, a 100% accurate reproduction of George Tatge's fantastic dragracing invention from 1951 The Speed-E-Shift.

Set up exactly like the originals, including stainless cotterpins.

Ok, the original Speed-E-Shifters didn't have shouldered brass bushings installed but I just could not help myselfe...

One piece spacer-bushings and polished stainless glide-rods for the E-shackles to glide on.

Teeth of solid steel.

Neutral lever and banana-arm lined up ready to lock the shift-rod in place.

Bolt heads are seated in counter-sunk holes and then pressed in the E-shackles, exactly like the originals.

Pivot arm bushings.

Ready for road-testing.

And finally a little video of the Rigid Hips Speed-E-Shift.

16 kommentarer:

  1. Holy FUCK thats clean!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you are making me sick!! :-)))

  3. you do the best work nicke

  4. Nicke, ett vakkert stykke arbeide du har utført. Er delene kuttet med Water cut maskin?


  5. Unsane, super slick stuff mate, no effort required !!!

  6. Thanx guys, things are moving forward fast right now and I will start taking orders real soon, all of you that already emailed me about buying one will remain on the list and I will start to hammer them out one by one, just a little testing to do before doing so.
    - Nicke

  7. Mycket snygg, har du räknat hur mycket den kommer att kosta?

    1. Tackar Magnus, jag håller på att se över den biten just nu och kommer att posta informationen här på sidan så fort jag fixat allt.

  8. Neste synd Nicke at inte den fidusen ble oppfunnet under tyve tallet, da skulle jeg likt å hatt en på mitt ongoing Harley racer bygge :-(

  9. Are you working out of a shop? I have heard a lot about you. If you ever need an extra set of hands I'd be stoked to help out. Some pretty mind blowing ideas. I have a lot to learn about how it goes from an idea to the real thing. Keep it up.