fredag 4 januari 2013


The Magdraulic brake was an electromagnetic option brake made by The Empire Electric Brake Company and sold for Harleys and Indians in the late 1930's / early 1940's. This brake dosen't use a brake cable at all, only two 6 volt wires. I just came across one of these setups and I will be posting more pics of it in a little bit, but until then:
Here you go, the complete Magdraulic Brake sales brochure dated April 30 - 1940.

Thank you Totte for sending me the scans!

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  1. Whale oil beef hooked . . . somehow Nicke, it's only natural that it ends up in your hands.

  2. I`m surprised to see the focus on front brakes as the optimal brake for motorcycles as early as the thirties, after all Harley didnt add a front brake until 28 on their J models and in 29 on the DL.
    Electric brakes are still the state of the art in braking the drilling winch on a oil rig, never fails and works very smooth compared to a conventional band brake that was superseded by the brake.

    Cool find for a bike.


  3. Hello, I also have one but are missing some parts and is very interested to compare a complete kit with what I have, so please sent me an email with your contact data. Thanks Carsten (Denmark )

    1. Carsten, I can't seem to find your email so get at me: nicke at giftorm dot se