tisdag 20 november 2012

Vards and Wheelies / Don't mix 'em...

Lately I've been experiencing this clunky feeling from the frontend when hitting small bumps and such, and the last days it got pretty exsessive so it was time to brake down the Vard frontend and take a look.
Have a look at the lower bearing race to the far left in the photo, it was worn out so bad it floated freely on top of the lower sphere shaped fork stem washer, when measured it had a good extra 2 millimeters play all around (!)
Here's the fender / light / horn mounts I did for the Vard, I just wanted something really primitive looking that would blend in with the raw character of the Vard, no delicate tig welded chrome moly or milled aluminium on this one.
I reused the original upper headlight bracket and lower horn mount, and the lightbar mounts had to be replaced about 4" closer to eachother to fit up directly to the headlight bracket and not to the friction dampner as they useally do.
I also replaced the top race and all 34 bearing balls while I was at it, a quick fix to make this fork ready for more... I mean what's the point having a 1540cc motor if you don't pop a few wheelies from time to time?
I'm going to redo a few more things on the bike this coming weeks, cleaning out the oil and gas tanks an extra time and stuff like that, mainly small stuff, but hopefully I'll have it done in time for Santa Claus.

4 kommentarer:

  1. thats one good looking front end right there

  2. Fit a Vard fork means to be mentally prepared, great choice, 10 e lode!

  3. We need to see more of that knuckle!