torsdag 25 oktober 2012

Mushrooms Are Extraterrestrial Probes

Is Psilocybin a form of alien brain substance? Have you ever felt the pulse of the universe? This super low sub-frequency that creates us all, I am beyond all doubt sure you are all part of it, well - since it's still not all that sertain you even felt it I'll try to explain. (For those of you who already know the sub-frequency - just ignore the words and stare at the beautiful photos my friend Martin took of my Knucklehead)

I truly believe that mushrooms are extraterrestial probes, since the timespans and other different conditions in this universe or whatever you choose to call it are wide and varied enough for most anything I feel the real task here with extraterrestrial intelligence would be to point it out, to see and feel it - to recognize it. Mushrooms are a sporebearing life-form, and spores are super impervious to very low temperatures and extremely high radiation, and yes - that's the exact kind of environment met with in outer space, the 'magic' you may or may not feel when you eat mushrooms could seriously be your concience drifing over in the alien-dimension. Mushrooms are our most unique growing vegetable, and mushroom growing is one of the most unusual stories in agriculture, if you're seriously into it I can recommend 'Six Steps To Mushroom Farming'.

On Planet Earth virtually all known life-forms are based on the same DNA molecule, if we propose we discovered all life-forms that is, and I'm more than sure that's not the case here - I mean there's just such an tremendous deal we don't know about life, and I presume it's just as big of a deal life dosen't know about us, the mind is endless - from any perspective and so is the intelligence of nature. I don't believe we could even say exactly when the fungi-spore entered our evolutionary chain for example.

If we, the humans as egocentric beings dosen't explore and clarifiy our relationship with our unconscious, I believe the flying UFO saucer is going to remain a mystery if you know what I mean, Carl Jung was speaking quite a bit about that matter a long long time ago, and Terrence McKenna had some more than valid points on the subject as well. The answers to most parapsychological, shamanic and extraterrestrial questions are hidden in our unconscious, or so I believe.

All phenomenons which go on at this low frequency I'm trying to explain here, this super low sub frequency you get in contact with from time to time, this sub-frequency can be felt out in the forests, far out into the wilderness or deep in the deserts, but also under water down in the oceans, it can even be felt inside the villages and cities all around this planet, I believe this sub-frequency is what have come to seem to most people like virtual impossibilities, or invasions from another world if you wish (the flying saucer). You don't even have to eat mushrooms to feel the frequency since I think mushrooms along with the rest of all psychedelics are just short cuts, so drug use is not what I'm proposing here - acctually it's quite the opposite.
Tune in folks, because the truth is not out there - it's IN there.

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  1. Your contention is sound, the Knuckle is exclusive to your universe Nicke, totally outstanding mate, worth the wait, I'm greedy, gimme more.

  2. Not sure about the universe but that

  3. That may be nicest Knucklehead engine I've ever seen..... in this universe.