torsdag 30 augusti 2012

Uncle John's Other Band

High times outside the Dustward studio in Stockhom City.
I hate tuning this thing... It's not exactly a LesPaul if you know what I mean...
It's very 60's to use Glockenspiel, or acctually it's very medieval and midieval is very 60's, when it comes to rock music.
Technically speaking, the autoharp is a grand-child of the Psaltery, which was a box-shaped medieval instrument that was strung like a harp. Fun to play, terrible to tune, just like life.
Right now we are almost done with the new EP, just have a few more channels to fill and the vinyl will be out in October.

And yesterday I got our debut rock opera 'Assjackal Rising' up on Soundcloud:
(Assjackal Rising also out on vinyl in October)


5 kommentarer:

  1. You are a sick, sick, sick man Nicke . . . those Vox units are rare as rocking horse shit, awesome mate, great to some tape being used, bring the warmth !!!!

  2. ?? I thought Glockenspiel was the hairy balls that hangs in fromt of the anus on a dog or a man!

  3. Thought I left a comment mate but must've been the drugs, nice stack of rare old Vox bins . . . keep on glockin !!!