fredag 6 juli 2012

1540cc Knuckle

Rickard 6 Volt came by my garage today to inspect Supertuppen’s reincarnation as a OHV...

Super Stock single fire ignition and original 6 Volt generator?

Atlas exhaust thanx to my friend Yoshi!

I also managed to mount a Flanders top clamp / risers and handlebars to carry Supertuppen's magical windshield altar, this bike still needs a few minor details but they'll be done in no time...

If I could manage to stay in the garage that is.

7 kommentarer:

  1. IM not much of a knuckle man, but that bike is the balls! Damn just the bars, risers, windshield setup is about as much a a panhead engine! Hahah what stroke is it Nicke? 4.75? what cam? Any porting? Fill me in.

  2. As above mate, perfect choice of pipes, so different . . . studio, garage, what's the diff, you're making good shit either way, plus, as you know, the music drug is mighty powerful shit !!

  3. Man that is perfect! Just perfect.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Nicke, I wouldn't change a thing.

  5. Yup that's a keeper for sure...