måndag 4 juni 2012

L Series Apocalypse

Here's a MGL I did today, it's for a friends Born Free build so I felt a nice polish was mandatory.

Worn out parts got changed or modified and I even found a NOS throttle shaft and idle mixture screw for it.

The needle and seat needed some attention since it didn’t really close as it was supposed to; here the seat gets re-worked in the mill.

Here the worn out needle gets rid of its ‘waistline’, the MGL’s use a rubber tip so you’ll need to get the lathe up to good speed before correcting it.

The needle will bottom out a super tiny bit lower now but that’s fine since all you have to do is adjust the float's lever the exact same tiny little bit and it will be just as good as new again.

The re-worked needle and seat passed the wonderful vacuum lip test...

Using brake cleaner and compressed air to get rid of the sneaky polish paste is a process that takes about as long as polishing the carburetor, well almost.

And here's the carburetor after the final assembly, soon to be Back In The USA - just like The MC5.

I just love the look of thes carburetors.

NOS throttle disc shaft and o-ring, ready to go on one of the sickest Panhead builds I ever saw, and I didn't even see it yet - that's how sick it is.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Kickin out the jams for sure, and that's sick ! Brilliant.

  2. Looks like you really outdid yourself on this one, I wish I could have a carb done by you some day.

  3. Long live the MC5!

    Wish you could bring the long bike to Born-Free!

  4. I have to go to Born-Free now.