torsdag 23 februari 2012

Proper Chopper Frontend

A long time ago Dicky Barrett told me “there’s plenty of time for rock ‘n roll if you quit school” and to this day I've asked myself if that statement might have had such a heavy impact on me it became the very reason that I never went to high school? I'm sure school is a great thing but sometimes great things just doesen’t fit.

Just like when my friend Nikola tried fitting his Sportster frontend together using after-market 10” over fork legs. Now we all know how delicate the tolerances of aftermarket parts can be at times but these legs were something else. So they had to be schooled...

The fork legs didn’t only turn out to have the wrong ID’s, but also two different ID’s measuring from one another, so new internals had to be fabricated on the lathe, and the remaining original internals had to be cut to size, the insides of the bottom part fork tubes also had to be adjusted. If there’s one thing I hate it’s having to deal with complications like different diameters of fork internals, dealing with such a thing would mean you’d have to keep track of the right and left side fork leg internals when you rebuild the fork the next time, so I made sure left and right side fork leg ID’s and internal part OD's became the exact same. That way you can drink a lot more when re-assembling it the next time without risking to mix up some of the parts.

Don’t bite the keyboard drooling in front of how great these Mullins trees look, just go get your own *HERE*

Now this frontend is all assembled and ready for some serious milage.

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