tisdag 20 december 2011

The Annunaki Armadillo Radiation Shield

The best part is not only that Mullins Chain Drive is taking over the world but that they're also going to show you how to do it.

When the Richmond Cave Dwellers slays the Nibiru Annunaki this is what one of their hand held weapons may look like, this weapon, even though being more of a protective shield will also function as a gas tank for a Knucklehead longbike being built somewhere in the proud country of Sweden.

This cosmos connected chrome ball has already got enough experience and power to not only scare the Niberian snake families but also every pinball wizard known to man including John “The Ox” Entwistle, Boris The Spider and even Tommy himself.

Yeah that's right - eat this, snake priest! Out of control, full tilt tuck 'n' roll, such magnificent power and fearlessness and the best part is that Brandon also did a matching fender to go on the long one right behind the armadillo chrome ball shield, but you'll just have to wait until the new DicE comes out to see that one.

When I think about it, it acctually might be easier to interact with this story if you simply view the armadillo shaped radiation shield from Richmond as an old Wassell tank from Hap Jones that now includes your very own washing board for those long road trips, live to ride, ride to Starbucks. But before using, just please remember that outside the Niberian solar system being dirty may count as credability.

The super secret invisible tank mount set-up is a carefully hidden, highly mysterious and well planned collaboration between N. Svensson, P. Longhair and B. Casquilho, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Richmond united in a triangular geographical bouquet to spread mechanical confusion and battle the Annunaki all around the globe.

So, until we kiss the neon mist Mullins Chain Drive remains your future, your solution and your salvation.

torsdag 15 december 2011

Imperial Rocker Clutch Finally Done

Ok, figuring out just how to go about making a somewhat complex clutch set-up like this one work required a lot of listening to the Some Girls album, gluewine, anxiety attacks, stale coffee and social isolation. It also required a lot of fabrication of parts not availabe in the V-Twin catalogue.

Wearing Love Cycles t-shirts helps the weld's penetration.

The thing that makes this set-up somewhat complex is
1: I wanted to hide the clutch pedal spring inside the primary
2: The rocker pedal wants to move the transmission’s clutch arm in the wrong direction.

So, coming up with a clean way to reverse it wasn’t too complicated really, I figured you could always use clutch cable, yeah that would be really easy but not very clean. Then you could use some kind of gears to reverse it, like 2 different cam gears or such, now that would be a bit more tricky but definitely doable. Then you could do it the extremely time consuming way I did, with an internal linkage that bolts up to the primary cover’s inside.

After I've done the bushing and pressed it in I like to cut the whole part one more time for a 100% flat and shiny surface, I do this as a distraction. So if you get everything else all crooked and warped you can always point out the shiny surface to impress your bros, yeah I like that.

Here's the scary part, I hate setting up big stuff like this in the milling machine, but the primary cover gave a very impressive and somber resonance.

Staying sober long enough to hide the spring and making the geometry work inside the little area in between the clutch basket, engine sprocket and chain was the tricky part. I had to do the spring linkage lever that bolts up to the pedal’s axle really short because of chain clearance, and that required a new ratio at the front lever to compensate, or it would move the transmission's clutch arm way to short.

I mentioned that I hate math on here before but there was no way around it this time, so after a lot of calculating I did the front lever 5.1:1 which made up for over 2.5” clutch arm movement, and that’s more than enough. Now this linkage has more than enough clearance to run either a belt or chain drive, if you run a chain drive however you can't go any smaller than a 22 tooth engine sprocket (this bike will run a 25 tooth engine sprocket)

Peek-a-boo, I see you.

This is what it looks like mounted, and after staring at it for 24 hours I'm pretty sure I'll run the original 1947 rocker pedal on it, but with a few minor adjustements done to it.

Finally, here's a little clip of how this set-up works. Now all I need is to pray for never getting another time consuming idea like this ever again.

måndag 5 december 2011

Imperial Rocker Clutch

So, I've had a hard time deciding on what type of pegs / clutch to run on the long bike... I know I wanted to run high mids and a rocker clutch, but unfortunately that combination didn’t function good enough since I felt a bit too much like Rufus Thomas stepping my foot around beneath the Linkerts and their fuel filters.

The transmission is set up with a rotary top jockey shift and I don’t want to run a suicide type clutch on it due to the nature of the motor. Since the rear section of the frame is stretched about an 1” I figured the pegs needs to be positioned as far back as possible, just like your Meatloaf records when your smug record collector friends come visit – as far back as possible.

The rocker clutch is the most reliable clutch I know, they are fun to ride and they look cool, so I really wanted to run one but there was just no way I could have that big tall mount hanging from the front of the frame and move my foot beneath the carbs back and forth every time I need to shift, don't get me wrong, I really like The Funky Chicken, I just don't want to feel like one when I'm riding a motorcycle.

So I locked myself in a room and stared at an Imperial primary cover for six hours drinking gluewine.

The idea of a mid mounted rocker clutch is good because you won’t need to run any peg and bad because it will push the clutch arm BACKWARDS and not pull it forwards like necessary, so it turned out kinda complicated to make things work.

And since this a chopper it wouldn’t look right with that big spring hanging from the pedal like the original rocker clutch set-up, so I figured I had to hide the spring INSIDE the primary cover.

I did cardboard templates of the original rocker clutch to figure out the original geometry and guess what – it did NOT fit inside the primary cover, not even close. So to make the geometry of the spring/pedal work like it’s supposed to (swing over it’s own axle and lock up) it needs a new ratio and fortunately there’s just enough room to do that.

The primary cover will have an internal linkage with a new ratio and I hate math and I never went to high school and right now I kinda regret that but this post is already too long and I want to go drink gluewine. Next time we'll play hide the spring - stay fumed.

fredag 2 december 2011

The All Blinding Eye

In Search Of Magnificent Magneto Measures; Since this poor Knucklehead has been stroked quite a bit it can be run with the ignition just a tad more retarded, due to the longer stroke. So the chain drive Wico Magneto is bolted down at 26 degrees sharp, hopefully that’ll be the perfect match for the 4.13/32” stroke.

The carburetors are nickel plated M36’s that’s had the main jets removed to give them 100% power needle action.

When the clock striked 12:00 I went absolutely nuts with the angle grinder and hacked out this little eye-shaped lid to hide the outside world from the magneto chain drive, the all blinding eye. Not that I really suspect the Illuminati to have anything to do with the Wico Magneto CO ...But, you just can’t be too sure these days…