tisdag 20 december 2011

The Annunaki Armadillo Radiation Shield

The best part is not only that Mullins Chain Drive is taking over the world but that they're also going to show you how to do it.

When the Richmond Cave Dwellers slays the Nibiru Annunaki this is what one of their hand held weapons may look like, this weapon, even though being more of a protective shield will also function as a gas tank for a Knucklehead longbike being built somewhere in the proud country of Sweden.

This cosmos connected chrome ball has already got enough experience and power to not only scare the Niberian snake families but also every pinball wizard known to man including John “The Ox” Entwistle, Boris The Spider and even Tommy himself.

Yeah that's right - eat this, snake priest! Out of control, full tilt tuck 'n' roll, such magnificent power and fearlessness and the best part is that Brandon also did a matching fender to go on the long one right behind the armadillo chrome ball shield, but you'll just have to wait until the new DicE comes out to see that one.

When I think about it, it acctually might be easier to interact with this story if you simply view the armadillo shaped radiation shield from Richmond as an old Wassell tank from Hap Jones that now includes your very own washing board for those long road trips, live to ride, ride to Starbucks. But before using, just please remember that outside the Niberian solar system being dirty may count as credability.

The super secret invisible tank mount set-up is a carefully hidden, highly mysterious and well planned collaboration between N. Svensson, P. Longhair and B. Casquilho, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Richmond united in a triangular geographical bouquet to spread mechanical confusion and battle the Annunaki all around the globe.

So, until we kiss the neon mist Mullins Chain Drive remains your future, your solution and your salvation.

10 kommentarer:

  1. So good. That bike is going to blow minds on so many levels when you're done.

  2. While just about everyone are busy copying eachother over and over and over you guys just keep coming up with new stuff, amazing.

  3. I think that is just about the coolest thing I've seen in a real long time, maybe ever, hard to know for sure

    good on you

    rock på mamma fucker

  4. Satan, vilket coolt plåtjobb! Älskar att han lagt ett diskret veck på undersidan, där det knappt syns. Sjukt duktig plåtis, den där jänkaren!

  5. get outa here with that freakin tank! you guys are causing me to have a nervous breakdown over here!

  6. hands down the most handsome tank I´ve ever seen. This is the fourth time i´m looking at it TODAY!!!! Hats of for the Mullins crew.

  7. Fantastiskt plåtjobb, jag är plåtis men inte tillräckligt smart för att räkna ut hur i helvete han klarade av detta utan att andra ytor har slagit sig!

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