torsdag 24 november 2011

The Original Mag Wheels From Pure Hell

I've been searching for an American Racing 12 spoke mag to run as a front wheel on the long bike for quite some time now and today the search finally ended, but in a way far beyond anything I could ever imagined! - And that's only because I'm blessed enough to have Brandon as a friend.

The original wheels from Pure Hell, I still can't believe it.

When I woke up this morning this e-mail from Brandon was waiting for me in my inbox;

"Ok you now have two 12 spoke magnesium wheels that were formerly owned by the legendary owner and driver of Pure Hell, Rich Guasco. So I explained to him that you were putting one on a knucklehead and that we were brothers and that it was a very important deal and he said he would take $800.00 for the set wich is what he paid for them. Originally he wanted $1200.00. That's a good deal even for one 17" because they are very rare."

Here's a photo of Brandon and Richard Guasco from about 14 hours ago.

You NEED to click this link and read up on Rich Guasco and Pure Hell if you're not already familiar with their fundamental roll in hot rodding and dragracing history.

Looks like the Knucklehead longbike and Pure Hell has just about the same wheelbase, and even if the longbike will have one of these front wheels I'm still not sure if I'll ever be able to pop wheelies like this, life sure can be wierd sometimes...

9 kommentarer:

  1. great work brandon & nicke. very impressive!

  2. What the hell??? Damn you! Those wheels are historical!!

    Congrats to the deal.

  3. I had to sit down for a while after reading this. Those wheels are a part of drag racing history and for all we know they will become a part of chopper history as well. Unbelivable score, congratulations, I don't even know what to say, just WOW!!!

  4. WOW! Just to be able to talk history with Mr. Guasco would be amazing.

  5. 2000 cc knucksters, 1500 cc dual carb knuckleheads, chain driven magnetos, big twin flattie barn finds and now this!! The fucking WHEELS FROM PURE HELL!

    ..what's next?