onsdag 30 november 2011

iPhones & Flatheads; The Week So Far...

Here's some shitty iPhone documentations from this week so far.

This is as close as Nacka Skatepark came to see a roll in this day.

Rålis Skatepark under the bridge in central Stockholm is one of my favourite spots, and Kickflips are still the most fun.

Running out of gas at night in the middle of nowhere while it's 28.4 Farenheit outside is always a pleasure, I had to spend like over an hour right in this spot before I got gas and the only light I had was from my phone ...lovely.

Linus was stoked to see that I finally got around to fix the windshield on the Model U.

I really need to stay in the garage and finish the long one but since there's still no snow outside I have such a hard time finding the motivation...

5 kommentarer:

  1. That flathead is just too damn beautiful.

  2. As soon as the lights go out. The black bike is gonna be fucking that sweet little flathead.
    It looks like it has malos intenciones.

  3. The little man looks big dude!