onsdag 14 september 2011

The Wings Of Valkyrie's Are Always Intense

I've always loved Springer forks, and my love for them is so strong that every time I put some other fork on a bike it feels like nothing but a temporary technique to maintain the balance, a technique to restore the cosmo-mechanical balance between Sportsters, 45"s, Big Twins and Indians, for example.

But still, when I decided to build a longbike the choice of fork was not an easy one. It was acctually more of an elementary treatise upon man's past evolution, present constitution and future development.

Since I've read in the ancient book of spells that the gates of Valhalla are super narrow this cosmechanical Springer process had to start all over again. This poor 1947 fork has already been slayed and extended 30" but to settle with only an extension, even though it may be a long one, would feel a bit like if Noah made peace with Neptune before he built the ark. And to succeed with this magic mission I needed help, so I spoke with Stekarn' and he was brave enough to take on the task right away. So, now this Springer fork is once again in it's infant stages, what the future holds nobody knows, the wings of Valkyrie's are always intense.

9 kommentarer:

  1. this is going to be interesting!

  2. Is it mr fomer world champeen doing surgery to my old long legs? Seem to have seen that image on another piece of digital diary...

  3. what does the heat do to the fork ? these were all heat treated from the factory .......cool work man

  4. The heat makes the fork very warm, have you heard "Crazy From The Heat" by David Lee Roth? He got crazy from the heat and then he got treated for it, is that the same as heat treated? It should be..?

  5. guess it depends how they are welded, gas/electric/brazed??

  6. I can only hope that the forks will become long, long, long once more as I was soooooo envious of them when I saw the picture of your good self standing proudly alongside them.

    How is Stellan? I haven't seen him for a few years now... Very sad, Johnny always promised to take me down to his workshop for a poke around but we never fitted it in and now more years have passed :-(

  7. Boots!
    I just posted a clip of Stellan testing the long fork, and as you can see he's doing great.

    Milo & Mother
    Everything the MoCo brazed they heat treated, like every frame up to 1947, after that I'm not sure.
    As for brittleness, less heat is always best, heat treated or not. Welding or brazing the early iron however is not a problem.

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