fredag 30 september 2011

Meum Cerebrum Nocet

Not many people know that the border-island between eggnog and quicksand completely consists of acetylene, and inside the eye of the eccentric cyclone sweeping it's shorelines there's always been alchemical ulsters drenched by unbalanced energies making it's movement patterns very hard to predict.

To portrait the ancient egyptian celebration of the heliacal rising of the dogstar Canis Major of the Eastern Winter Triagle I choose to paint my Knuckleheads a bright silver, simple as that really.

Demonic echoes from the nightside of Eden informs us that on a connected ouija board the tarot cards will all land on the highside.

So therefor, through twin tunnels and twin throats the twin toungue tamer travels to the Tolomeo. Meum Cerebrum Nocet.

4 kommentarer:

  1. The way you taped up the heads to seal off the combustion chambers before paint says a lot. A perfectionist at work, very impressive. I just wish I could understand what you write about as well.

  2. here is a shovel can you dig it? I can dig it.

  3. your writings, as obtuse as they seem on the surface are abundantly clear with 3D goggles placed over my ears whilst reading