torsdag 7 april 2011

Oh Crap! ...Another Step By Step

I've always been paranoid about the hubs on my bikes, I know the early style starhubs are reliable when done right, but since I've had some bad experience with them swelling up from heating on freeways and so on I wanted this bike's hubs to be bulletproof. So I choose to run this type of rear hub that Harley came out with in 1967, with pressed in modern type bearings. The front hub on this bike is still an early starhub that's been machined and had modern type bearings pressed in, there's no way to notice it in the front but the rear hub is a bit more complicated to disguise.

To the left is the 1967-71 hub cover and to the right the starhub cover.

Cutting the ears of the 1967 cover, Van Gogh style.

Here's both covers cut up waiting to be welded.

Papp papp papp papp papp...

Cleaning up the spot welds on the inside, the lathe sounded very Dennis Thompsonish while doing this.

The original 1967-71 hub had to be drilled and threaded since it lacks the starhub bolt pattern.

And here's the parkerized result, now it might not fool the OEM elitists but nothing compares to the feeling you get on the freeway knowing you run on bulletproof hubs. I still have to modify the rear axle's OD to fit the bearings and the axel spacer has to be cut/machined to fit and to seal up the right way against the hub... Well, enough of this nonsens.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Do you do your own Parkerizing? Looks great.

  2. I smell like Loctite and yeah I do my own parkerizing, I wish I didn't. I wish I didn't smell like Loctite, parkerizing is fun.

  3. Do you ever wonder why red Loctite tastes like it's made from sugar,and could sugar be the reason it's Anaerobic?

  4. Loctite tastes so much better than parkerizing fluid, but I never thought of why - I have no idea..?