söndag 30 januari 2011

The Ghost of Pope Julius II

I just found this old pic of a set of bars I did for a stroked 1939 Knuckle I built in 2006, at the time I was heavily influenced by the Sistine Chapel in Rome and the ceiling paintings by Michelangelo, I still am and I totally stole the design of the bars from the ceiling’s architecture but I figured I would never get caught since I found it very unlikely that the Pope would come visit me in Stockholm.

Anyway, after this bike was finished I instantly sold it … a very long short story, but I kept the bars and light when I sold it– and now I have no idea where they are… I’ve been searching everywhere at least twice but they are nowhere to be found. Could it be some obscure form of cosmic justice and maybe the ghost of Pope Julius II hovered in and collected them to punish me for stealing their design? I have no idea but I sure am scared right now.

4 kommentarer:

  1. you have extremely nice hands.
    I would like to meet you one day.
    I love Truckleheads. (3 wheeled Knuckleheads.)

  2. Not a Pope's ghost, but God himself.

    He, like you, works in mysterious ways.