fredag 3 december 2010

God Save Mrs Mopp & Good Old Mother Riley

The Kinks are the greatest band ever; I’ve always loved everything about them. They never really fit the psychedelic scene in the 1960’s and they never really fit the clean shaved pop scene either.

The Kinks never fit any scene – they created their own; a dark, sarcastic and subtle protest against all pop culture. And they went from doing genius concept albums in the 1960’s to full-blown rock operas in the 1970’s.

This is Matte’s Generator Shovel, and I think this bike is just like The Kinks in more than a few ways, not only as a subtle protest. I shot it for DicE sometime this summer, and since then Matte did some upgrades, so I have to go shoot it again before it gets in the mag. So until then – how soon is when?

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