lördag 18 december 2010

Bring Me The Head of Paul McCartney

In 2008 as I started building the Knuckster motor Sir Paul McCartney’s head went missing. It was a Sir Paul wax doll’s head – and it was left on a train when being transported to be auctioned … The head was made in the 1960’s and had been on display at the Louis Tussauds Museum in Great Yarmouth. In this photo the heads of my Knuckster motor is missing because I wanted to take a photo of how the piston domes are milled out for the valves and also the cutouts for the exhausts.
The best thing about the Knuckster's heads are that since they're both rotated clockwise – so are the outtakes for the valves and exhausts.

The best thing about Sir Paul McCartney’s head is that it had a £2000.00 reward and that a homeless person named Anthony Silva found it in a trash can at a railway station and collected the reward. So what are the worlds telling us? Does this mean we should go searching for Knuckleheads in railway station trash cans? Is there even a connection here, I bet there is.

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  2. erm... i don't know anything about tablecloths but i do love your technical posts. as in the posts about the stuff you're building, yup that stuff's like crack for me. more pleaseeee!!