måndag 22 november 2010

Who Cares..?

Here's a part I had in a video that came out almost ten years ago, and the older you get the more you realize age doesn’t matter, as long as you keep skating that is. And I still skate the same spots with the same friends, and who cares..? Skateboarding will always be there for you, and it’s never been more fun than right now. Because that’s the ONLY thing skateboarding is about – having fun.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Totally right,that's what life all about!
    Sweet movie/RinG

  2. it's true Nicke.
    i"ve been skating more in the last six months
    than i have in six years. It is truly a gift
    to be able to skate with your friends laugh and
    have fun.... and your right, it has seriously never been more fun than right now.
    rad to see your video. here's a little
    one my friend lee just made of our janky little
    sessions. come skate.

  3. honestly, i feel bad for people that don't have skateboarding in their lives. Sure theres things that come close, but nothing else compares to the feeling of stepping on your board.

  4. Yeah that's true Jason, nothing comes close, not even music. But in a way it's just like music, an optic version. Optic symphony.

    Max, that clip was rad and that place looks so perfect, guaranteed energy drink free. And that was a sweet kickflip indy. I'd love to go there and hang up on something one day not too far from now.

  5. Nicke, never realized you were that good. Always figured you for more of a transition guy. Awesome to see, thanks for posting.

  6. Edit: I meant "that good at street."