måndag 15 november 2010

I May Be Hungry But I Sure Ain't Weird

The Housings Of The Holy;

Here's two choke housings I did some time ago for the S&S GB carburetors used on the 2000 cc Knuckster motor.

I used S&S GBL choke discs and shafts, and Linkert pressure springs and balls to keep them "locked" in open, half closed or closed positions. And they're made to fit S&S Super D velocity stacks.

And while doing the housings I had these terrible hi-pitched Gremlin voices repeating themselves inside my head, like in a Frankie Valli falsetto but with a more animalistic tone, I experienced the voices to come through dual throats with the silhouette of a great greyish parallel intake; so I had to fabricate one just like it to make the voices go away.
I even did this little throttle disc shaft connector with a return spring, not only to please the Gremlins, but also to be able to run both carbs of only one throttle cable. But this intake won't ever be used, it was made for the wrong reasons and therefore it's cursed for eternal time.

I'll post some updates on the Knuckster bike on here in a while. The worst thing is, since the day I shipped the motor and carbs to Richmond CA, the Gremlin voices came back, and now I experience them to come through something that you'll probably never see or read about on here, or anywhere else...

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