torsdag 4 november 2010

The Bible = The Final Illuminati Blueprint

The Bible is the final Illuminati Blueprint and since you can get Bibles pretty much everywhere that information is already out there, but if you need a complete Knucklehead Blueprint things are a bit more complicated, or at least just as complicated, or maybe less complicated but anyway, here's finally some Blueprinting progress on the FLTT Knuckle motor.

At this point every freeze/drain plug is removed and replaced with NOS plugs that Charley found in an ancient biker crypt North of Stockholm. Every surface is measured and decked inc every bolt hole and frame mount. A lot of information had to be gathered to complete the blueprint, but it's finally done now, and alot of machine work remains to make the chain driven Wico Magneto fit the cases, etc etc...

Adam Weishaupt was no machinist.

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