torsdag 23 september 2010

What Does Your DNA Taste Like?

When you re-live every moment of your life a million times over and over in no particular order in an extremely rapid dream sequence all at random, when you experience all happiness and all pain of all human existence at the same time, when you are the rapist and the rape victim, the child and the parent, the living and the dead, the universe and the vacuum.
When all sound gets visualised around you, when you become your surroundings looking straight into you, when sound acts like spectral transitions of multicoloured atoms swirling ferociously, when your own pulse is your only perspective. When hot is cold and there is no more temprature, when time vanishes and when your body melts out into the great wide open, when you're twisting on the Devil's filthy fork in God's devine kingdom of heaven, when your DNA tastes like electric salt, when you become but one atom among millions and millions of indistinguishable atoms. Any of them, none of them, all of them, swirling in a never ending timeless cosmic orbit, when you do you know what it means to be you.

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