måndag 27 september 2010

The Teardrops of Ingmar Bergman

Rigid Hips Teardrops of Ingmar Bergman fits 1936-1969 Harley-Davidson OHV's.

Aluminium Teardrop mounted on a S&S Knuckle with adjustable advance/retard magneto base.

This is what an adjustable magneto base looks like "stock" and I always hated that little spacer and irritating open space around the shaft.

The extra O-ring guarantees no leakage from old worn out oval distributor holes.

~ Brushed aluminium finish ~

~ Polished aluminium finish ~

~ Brushed bronze finish ~

I've done maybe 25 of these so far, and they work really well and they are really time consuming to fabricate and I always end up giving them away for free, so at least it's a very interesting business idea.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Nicke, the one on my pan works so killer, I wanna trade you something for one for the knuck I am working on. Let me know if you need anything (no riley carbs, though. . .)

  2. Thanx guys!
    Hey Dave send me an e-mail, ok!

  3. Awsome! Building a MAg PAn. How do I get one? Also need one of those Idler tubes for an "L". Love the blog. Do you have shirts? Maybe we could trade.

  4. I sent an email about these, I'd really like to get one if possible.

  5. I'll do a bunch of these soon, and hey TW I didn't get any e-mail..? I'll put them up on here as soon as they're done. And new T-shirts too soon.

  6. I understand you Nicke,I I really do...
    Good work.../M Ring