måndag 23 augusti 2010

Rigid Hips L-Series Idle Tubes

I've done a bunch of these over the last few years, and I used to be really stoked on doing them but these days I kinda lost focus. Hey is there any better voice than Noddy Holder’s? No, ok maybe I should list the top 4 most handsome guy that’s ever been in The Byrds then?
#4: Gene Clark
#3: Roger McGuinn
#2: Gram Parsons
#1: David Crosby
See what I'm getting at..?

3 kommentarer:

  1. but the world needs them! i think i do too!

  2. What are th odds of getting a hold of a couple of those beauties? Haev an L headed my way. Need some jets. Looking to put it on my Knuckle.

  3. The odds should be pretty good, hit me at nicke@giftorm.se