fredag 16 juli 2010

People In The Shadows / Hashish Eaters, Knight Templars

...and every other bible interpreter and sign reader, I've got a serious case for you.
Ok, two days ago I fucked the valves on the Hash Knuck, so I took both heads apart, and later that very same day I get contacted by Mr Jim Leineweber, he tells me my custom ordered Knucklehead cam is ready now
(this cam was ordered 1.5 year ago)
so I tell him to UPS the thing over here and this morning it showed up, complete with triple springs(!), needle bearing, titanium retainers etc

Now I have seen fucked cams before but this cam looks like it came from Sodom or Gomorrah. The pics don't even show how radical this cam really is. And I've never witnessed a Knucklehead motor that's comunicating with men before, and even if it's tounge may be a bit rough I totally get what it's telling me - it wants a wilder cam.
And by the grace of God, here's the answer to it's prayers:

In: Lift .540, Open/Close 54/84, Duration 318, Lobe Center 105

Ex: Lift .520, Open/Close 76/42, Duraton 298, Lobe Center 107

2 kommentarer:

  1. this thing looks so rad!! c'mon give it to her if she wants it so badly

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