lördag 19 juni 2010

2000 cc Knuckster Build Up

2 Rear Dual Carb Knuckleheads rotated clockwise to make the pushrod geometry work

Roller Rockers

Dual inner O-ring Intakes

Pushrod holes moved and re-angled in both rear...

...and front Knuckles, cylinder finns milled for clearance (am I sounding serious yet)?

5.250" Stroke, thanx Charlie Karling for all the help with the crank and cams

I have no idea what I'm doing really and it's not even all that much fun, but it's dumb and I love dumb, and it's not really finished yet, like everything else in my garage so that's safe.

To be continued...

5 kommentarer:

  1. Fuck this looks insane! Love the blog keep it up / Klibban

  2. Thanx Klibb, gimme a call if you're passing through Sthlm sometime.

  3. quite an accomplishment of design and engineering.