onsdag 26 oktober 2011

1500cc Dual Carb Knuckle

What makes me most happy about this motor is not the chain driven Wico magneto or the dual carb heads.

And it's not the .540/.540 Leineweber cam or triple valve springs with titanium retainers. It's not the fact that it's got 'pop up' pistons, it's not the big bore cylinders or peek-a-boo cam cover and it's not the dual right side UL flywheels with moved crankpin.

No, the most joy bringing thing about this motor is that it is acctually 100% finished; something that is very rare in my life. Charley did such a flawless job blueprinting the entire engine and today I parkerized and assembled the rocker tins, the very last detail on the whole motor. Hopefully it will go in the frame this weekend. The only bad thing I can think of right now is that the chain driven mag is bolted down with no way to retard it for starting, something that might be a bit interessting on a 91.6" Knuckle with a lot of compression, hopefully the cam's 318 degree duration will make things a bit more comfortable..?

tisdag 18 oktober 2011

The Rear Wheel Alignment Research Program

Making a mag wheel dressed in a car tire with a 1967-72 brake fit a Knucklehead frame required a lot more measuring and stuff than I hoped. I have no idea how to do this, but at least a steel scale ruler and magnetos makes it look like I know what I'm doing so that's good enough for me.

The rear wheel spacer was fun to do because for the first time ever I found a piece of aluminium with just the right OD, and to celebrate that I cut two different radiuses.

I had to polish the spacers for the backing plate and wheel only because Peter Longhair told me a real chopper needs to be shiny and I don't want to disappoint him.

And this is what it looks like aligned and mounted, when I finish this bike I want to ride it until the end of time.

torsdag 13 oktober 2011

When The Multitudes Unify It’s Time To Multiply

When the multitudes unify it’s time to multiply, ask me, I know nothing, I bear the signs, my body is the symbol. All is one, one is none and none is everyone. Come to me I’ll tell you what it’s all about, I know nothing. I was laying in the living room couch one rainy afternoon; John Cale’s Paris 1919 was spinning on the record player and in my lap I had one 74/80” Flathead Manual along with The Bible and The Bhagavad Gita.

I was sipping coffee and studying the pages in admiration when suddenly my blood froze in sheer panic. So unbelievably overwhelmed by the eternal information in front of me, the work of some of mankind’s greatest minds came alive in my hands. My head started spinning really fast as I felt my spine burning up, I had an attack of some kind, the enormity confronted me so tremendously hard that I instantly panicked as the letters from the worn out pages started to dance out across the room in endless letter combinations, delicate sparkling orbits of words pulsating out in front of me.

Vibrating in anxiety I tried to run my melting hands across the shooting streams of letters and indulge myself in the endless information, but the letters was avoiding my body and all I felt was a tiny airstream of emptiness burning through my skin, it filled up my senses like the night fills up the forest. I ran outside feeling like a giant burning tree with blazing branches reaching up towards the countless stars in the endless black night, lightening up the sky like the revolutionary war. My mind was juggling cosmic gravy in excess, the enormity of nothing, the enormity of the gap between everything and nothing, and the eternal nothing inside everything.

Nothing, everything, nothing, everything, nothing everything; Manifest Destiny. I became isolated within my own head, a cork on the ocean, terrified of how much there really is to know, and even though this was just three open books in my own living room I’ve never been so frightened in my entire life and I had no idea what to do or who to call, maybe Bruce Palmer III or Dr. Peter Wenkman?

But nevermind me and my issues, here's a great photo of Gordon from quite some time ago. Ronna & Gugge are the best at what they do so nevermind this blog, go check them out here.

söndag 9 oktober 2011

The Narrow Springer Baptism Ritual

The 1947 Springer was baptised in a female dolphin embryo cradle right in the heart of Yorubaland, Southwestern Nigeria.

If something's going to have legs this long it'll sure need some hips - Papa Legba Exu told me.

5.1/2" wide and 56" long; "Exu brings out the fool in man"

Yoruban Mythology can be just as blinding as chrome sometimes.

torsdag 6 oktober 2011

Lucifer Rising

I don’t believe in thinking, I don’t believe in that part of our mind at all. I don’t believe in politics, politics are the diaper on an incontinent world, it’s capable of making it a little bit better, but that is also everything it’s capable of doing. It won’t ever be able to really change anything, and that’s because politics is thinking. Our brain got in the way of our intelligence just like religion got in the way of God and Satan. You’re not supposed to think, thinking is nothing but doubting anyway, thinking divides our mind in two halves, two halves that’s constantly fighting each other.

Satan came up to Jesus on a great big hill somewhere in Galileen or where ever it might have been and said, if you are the son of God; jump of this cliff and prove it. Jesus calmly looked at Satan and said; what is there to prove?
And that’s my whole point, the second you start to think you’re lost already. Thinking will always be doubting, feeling will always be believing. Words will never be anything but symbols.
At first there was only God, perfect greatness in it’s very purest form. But since God is nothing but final perfection he needed to get separated in two halves and work against himself to be able to create something physical, since everything in physical form is far from perfect. As he did this he became the Big Bang; the millisecond separation and reparation of God, the virgin birth of nature, the first heartbeat in a cosmic pulse that will continue to beat for all time. Right now we are just between the first and second heartbeat in the pulse, the universe is slowly starting to shrink right now so I guess we’re past halftime to the next beat; the Apocalypse. I sometimes experience the universe as a huge greyish clockwork that is just hovering in an endless gloomy vacuum ticking on for no reason, and that makes me feel small sad and scared to death, and when I get scared to death I think of The Demiurg Jahve, he was responsible for pinning down the human spirit to our bodies and by doing so he made us all wait until physical death before our spirits can be set free.

Death is life in it’s purest form, it’s our birth. Humans’ always feared birth way more than death, a child that is being born is a thousand times more afraid than on old man that is dying. So in that way I guess it all makes sense...
To maintain the cosmic balance you need to worship not only God and Jesus but also Satan and The Anti Christ. You cant have good without evil, good without evil would become insignificant. Let’s portray evil as a deep ancient well. A well that the “evil” people drinks from, the well will always be there but you will always have a choice not to drink from it, the choice not to be a part of evil, the choice not to distribute evil, not distributing evil does not make you good, it just makes you non evil. But as long as no one distributes evil it looses it’s power, a power that lacks love and therefor becomes aggression, so by choosing not to distribute you will also pacify aggression.

However, since evil has been there since God separated himself to create this universe you need to love evil with every other living energy and organism unconditionally, you need to love evil, but not evilness. And to do this you need to separate evilness from evil, and also goodness from good. God, Jesus, Satan and the Antichrist, they are all needed to maintain the balance. We are all born on planet earth as humans, where pleasure follows pain, people go insane, fly around in planes, pray that it wont rain, drive around in cars, get drunk in local bars, dream of being stars, listens to Devo etc. And therefor we choose to call our little limited part in time and space the “Universe”. We experience ourselves through our feelings and thoughts as something that is separated from the rest, and that is nothing but an optical delusion of our consciousness, at best. Widening our circles of compassion enough to include not only every living organism but also every spirit, ghost and demon is necessary to maintain the balance. Never become emotionally attached to man, woman, beast or child.

måndag 3 oktober 2011

Waiting For The Sunnen

This might seem like a tight fit but trust me, it's important to run a heavy valve size if you want to get to Blimpies on time! ...preferably nothing under 3"

This is the strangest life I've even known, can you feel it, now that spring has come, that it's time to live in the scattered sun
Waiting for the Sunnen
Waiting for the Sunnen
Waiting for the Sunnen