tisdag 31 augusti 2010

The Riley Racing Carburetor

American hero George Riley was a racing virtuoso most active in the 1930 – 1940’s (no relation to British Riley Motor CO) George did his own everything, like the first OHV conversions for flathead racecars and side draft carburetors etc. George started out early on, in the 1920’s alongside pioneers Fred Offenhauser and Leo Gossen.

The Riley Racing Carburetor is made of strong 356 heat treated aluminium and the housings are anodized. They use Ford Stromberg main jets and idle tubes, and also Chandler Groves needle seats and adjusting screws. I'm not sure how many carbs Gerorge did but more than a few of them ended up on drag bikes and hill climbers in the 1950’s & 1960's - like George Smith’s “The Tramp” and Chet Herbert’s “The Beast” both ran dual Rileys on the quarter mile.

However, after the drag bike and hill climber golden era ended, every Riley carburetor seem to have vanished from the face of the earth, with the exception of a few stored in classic racing museums.

Balls out! Just how brilliant are these floats!? And they're not attached to anything inside the carb, they are free falling, like Tom Petty. And this makes the carb insensitive to angles, a totally genius construction, especially when mounted on a bike.

These carbs are going on a stroked Knuckle, and I'll post more pics of this project as soon as I've made some further progress - that made me sound pretty sober huh? Fantastic.

måndag 30 augusti 2010

Never Is Always Forever

As I entered the garage my mouth began to feel weird, as if it was full of cat hair, I felt certain it was in my throath and lungs too, but I couldn't do anything about it. My spine was blazing out of control and out came enormous pallid wings with sharp silhouettes of two-edged swords, as the children of Israel rotaded my horizons. I’m the first and the last, alive and dead, living forever and never born. The three columns of self, space and time merged as one. No more separation of self and what’s not the self, personal identity and all of existence became one and the same. No past, present and no future, timeless entrapment, the now of eternity, the never of always.

At times when time slows way down I get concerned regarding my breathing, it kinda feels like I’m possibly dead. This is because when time slows down so dramatically it seems to be hours in-between each individual breath and heartbeat, or at least that's how I experience it...
Before I left the room I did an article about my friend Matte Hedenstrand’s Flathead Chop for DicE Magazine and when I spoke my voice were as many stormy waters and my eyes were like gas clouds with blueberry jam spilled in the middle.

In my melting hands were the keys to all hell and death, to all heavens and to all life as Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamus, Thyatira and the children of Israel waved me goodbye and hello. I need to go now I said, but I'll be back in time for the next DicE Magazine. One is none, none is one and one is everyone.

fredag 27 augusti 2010

The Hour Of Illumination / Part #1

Harry S. Truman saw the dead alien bodies in the government's gloomy catacombs back in 1947, but few people knew that Harry himself was from the reptilian illuminati bloodline.

Was it all a sign of obscured Ordo Templi Orientis initiation rituals?

Or just another Majestic 12 UFO cover-up?

Could it have been Bilderbergers graduation rites?

Or Ray Kroc in search of extra cheese?

The reptilian shape-shifters do not only come from another planet but also from another dimension, the lower level of the fourth dimension, that’s the one nearest the physical world.

The universe consists of an infinite number of frequencies and dimensions of life that share the same space, just as television and radio frequencies. Some people can tune their consciousness to other wavelengths, which is what psychic power consists of, and it is from one of these other dimensions that the Anunnaki are controlling this world.

The Annunaki possess certain bloodlines — though just as fourth-dimensional reptilians control us, they are controlled, in turn, by a fifth dimension.
The lower level of the fourth dimension or the "lower astral dimension" - that’s where demons live, the entities Satanists summon during their rituals. They are, in fact, summoning the reptilians
...and so am I.

måndag 23 augusti 2010

Rigid Hips L-Series Idle Tubes

I've done a bunch of these over the last few years, and I used to be really stoked on doing them but these days I kinda lost focus. Hey is there any better voice than Noddy Holder’s? No, ok maybe I should list the top 4 most handsome guy that’s ever been in The Byrds then?
#4: Gene Clark
#3: Roger McGuinn
#2: Gram Parsons
#1: David Crosby
See what I'm getting at..?

fredag 20 augusti 2010

Knucklehead Perfection

My old time drinking buddy Hollywood Hank sent me some photos of this amazing Knucklehead chopper, it's perfect in every way. The owners name is Ralph Finley and I have a hard time concentrating right now so just study the pics, ok thanx.

onsdag 18 augusti 2010

Blessings From Rogue Speed Shop

Mark from Rogue Speed Shop doesn’t just ride a super sweet Panhead, he also sends surprise boxes full of blessings to retarded guys in Sweden! Thanx alot man, fantastic stuff... I'll be sure to return the favor. See more of Mark and his stuff here

Subconscious Freemason Architecture?

Concrete heroes Concreatures is run by Dave Toms and they built this park in Norrköping 2 hours south of Stockholm, complete with kicker shaft extension. Dave is into bikes and I keep thinking if this might be the first sign of our own kind of subconscious Freemason architecture? The subconscious mind is not to be underrated, hey just listen to The White Album. And don't forget to check the Concreatures blog.

tisdag 17 augusti 2010

I Feel Like a Eunuch In a Mechanical Harem

A lot of times I feel like a eunuch in a mechanical harem;
I know how it’s done but I can’t do it myself.

And those times it’s good to have genius friends like Charley Karling close by.
Charley is by far the most talented mechanic I’ve ever met, and his garage meets NASA standards... Visit him here

måndag 16 augusti 2010

False Prophet Damnation

"Beware of false prophets
which come to you in sheep's clothing
but inwardly they are ravening wolves"
- Matthew 7:15-20

söndag 15 augusti 2010

There's No Place Like Nowhere?

This is the three points of the internal triangle of gears that will help you keep a healthy meniscus while kick starting. If you’re using the licorice repops (the one to the right) chances are they will form a miniature Bermuda Triangle that’ll make your meniscus disappear…

In July 1980 (barely 5 months before he got murdered) John Lennon sailed to Bermuda on his yacht, Isis. He hadn't released an album in like 5 years or so but as soon as he got back he instantly wrote Starting Over, Woman, Watching the Wheels and maybe like 25 more killer songs.

I wonder if my right knee meniscus will return to me one day with some new tunes..?

fredag 13 augusti 2010

Adam Wright Shoots Jason Jessee / Part #3 of 3

Adam Wright the hero sent me these clips a while back, this is the final part.
(You'll find the first two parts in previous posts)

onsdag 11 augusti 2010

9 Months B.C / The Knuckster is Baptised

The Knuckster Bike having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism; and its name is "9 Months B.C" and the past is an illusion, postulated mocked up through confusion, the future will be confusion, in your own illusion.