torsdag 29 juli 2010

How to Make Your Neighbors Love You / Part #2

How to Make Your Neighbors Love You / Part #1

Building The Swedish Bone;

Maximum Overdrive

If the stuff that went down in Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive really happened it would suck to be anywhere near Perra Leis’ garage, with all the evil machines gathered inside and outside that place…
I had to leave early since these machines where eyeballing me from the moment I got there.

tisdag 27 juli 2010

måndag 26 juli 2010

Adam Wright's Invisible Empire

Some of the great photos Adam sent me;
The Priest of Church Of Choppers Jeff Wright
and also Susan & Cole Foster. Cheers guys I'm drinking Cold Fosters.

fredag 23 juli 2010

Hank Williams Had No iPod

In the 1940’s and early 1950’s the Motor Company offered magneto chain drive setups for factory OHV racers, there where two different setups; Edison-Splitdorf magnetos and horizontal single-fire Wico magnetos.
This one will go in my latest semi-secret Knuckle project, and it sure seems a bit tricky to install. You need to drill, tap and plug the cases in several places, and also mill down bosses and ribs for chain clearance.
Then there’s no way to adjust the ignition after the cam cover is installed, you will have no generator and there will be no way to retard the ignition for starting, but hey!
That’s how they did it – Hank Williams had no iPod.

torsdag 22 juli 2010

Money, Truth, God and Bates Seats

Isn’t it a bit weird to spend a lot of money on something you can’t even see once the bike is ridden? Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I haven't really thought too much about that. But one thing I have thought a lot about is; what does God think of money?
and it’s really quite simple;

- Just look at the people he gave them to.

onsdag 21 juli 2010

Vincent Van Gogh Brings Inspiration

Van Gogh cut his ear off, placed it in an envelope and sent it to a prostitute named Rachel that he blamed for his incurable disease, on the envelope he wrote "Guard this object carefully"
And for the exact same reasons I cut the ears on these Knuckleheads and posted them to Willie G. Davidson, I even put the exact same words on the envelope.

Experience Dampens Creativity

My neighbor Fille helped me out with fitting 3.13/16" jugs in a set of 1938 EL cases, really clever - check the cylinder wall thickness on the cam side of the motor, and the top and rear case bolts..! Fille hated the idea right from the beginning and didn't wanna do it, but I kept bugging him about it.
- Be careful what you wish for - you might just get it.

tisdag 20 juli 2010

Stainless Cocktail Glass For Air & Gas

Air and gas; the egg and sperm of the combustion engine. I just finished this dual carb intake for Sebastian's UL Flathead, it will give birth to more than a few strong explosions, hopefully. I did the intake and mount using an angle grinder but I was sober and angry so it didn't really take all that long, but for the next intake I'll definetly look into drinking, and water cutting.

måndag 19 juli 2010

Their Satanic Majesties Regret

When there's a storm on the horizon, some people build shelters, others raise sail.
Behold Brandon's divine metal work
He is mighty-minded and therefore he shall ride the whirlwinds...

Love Is Not A Victory March

Leonard Cohen said there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the lord, and that must be true since I went pilgriming this weekend, searching for the holy knucklehead grail, Sunday morning and the signs all pointed in the same direction - Delsbo.
So I drove up to my friend and mechanical mentor Anders Nygren. We went down in the ancient sacred catacombs and did not just find one holy grail, we found two. And since we couldn't separate them or they would lose their magic I had to bring both grails back with me to Stockholm. Hallelujah.
...Ancient mysticism at its best.

söndag 18 juli 2010

Tomorrow Never Knows

Poem of a Panhead;

Hey my name is the ocean, a rolling wave of motion
I was here before the deserts and the suns
All my islands and mountains can see the prophet’s omen
I was here before Jesus and the nuns

Hey now, watch me string Aquarius bow
Holy cow, raging roosters showing me how

Holy fountain of honey smiling gently at the entry
I was here before Noah sailed to sea
Rising ivy embracing magic altars of the dreaming
I was here before the sacred caravan

Hey now, watch me string Aquarius bow
Holy cow, atomic lobsters showing me how

Nowhere mansion invention floating free from facts and fiction
I was told the equator never ends

fredag 16 juli 2010

People In The Shadows / Hashish Eaters, Knight Templars

...and every other bible interpreter and sign reader, I've got a serious case for you.
Ok, two days ago I fucked the valves on the Hash Knuck, so I took both heads apart, and later that very same day I get contacted by Mr Jim Leineweber, he tells me my custom ordered Knucklehead cam is ready now
(this cam was ordered 1.5 year ago)
so I tell him to UPS the thing over here and this morning it showed up, complete with triple springs(!), needle bearing, titanium retainers etc

Now I have seen fucked cams before but this cam looks like it came from Sodom or Gomorrah. The pics don't even show how radical this cam really is. And I've never witnessed a Knucklehead motor that's comunicating with men before, and even if it's tounge may be a bit rough I totally get what it's telling me - it wants a wilder cam.
And by the grace of God, here's the answer to it's prayers:

In: Lift .540, Open/Close 54/84, Duration 318, Lobe Center 105

Ex: Lift .520, Open/Close 76/42, Duraton 298, Lobe Center 107

Pluto Degraded / A Galactic Scandal!

Pluto had total planet status from the day it was discovered in 1930 and all the way until 2006 when some wild assholes in the International Astronomical Union decided that Pluto no longer filled the demands to keep its planet status

…So Pluto got degraded to Dwarf Planet Status, or Plutoid if you wish, which I think is a total insult to this whole galaxy.

torsdag 15 juli 2010

I'll Never Race Against Another Twin Cam

...or maybe I will
however, next time I'll make sure I got the correct tolerance from valve guide to valve shaft.
Before racing that is.

onsdag 14 juli 2010

White Line Fever

Hi Lemmy...

Rigid Hips Suicide Control

If you want one of these, you can contact me on here
...or wait don't do that, contact Le Beef instead, he's way smarter than me and would probably do one of these for you alot faster, and better.